A bit about me…

No matter what I do, somehow I seem to always find myself back in the kitchen, elbow deep in batter, icing, chocolate, or some form of dough. You see, I’m a pastry chef by trade. My name is Veronica Wirth. I spent roughly the first half of my life surrounded by wedding cakes, helping to grow the family bakery. Once in adulthood, I kept one foot in the bakery while the other one strode through careers in advertising and graphic design and set design for television. I even co-authored a book on yoga. I know, it’s exhausting just talking about it!

Realizing that through it all, the world of food remained a constant area of passion for me, in 2006 I decided it was time to become a fully respectable kitchen maven and earned my degree in Classic Pastry at the French Culinary Institute. An official career as pastry chef ensued.

Sweets are my main area of expertise, this is true, yet I have strong leanings as well toward wine, travel, and exploring the many pleasures of the table. I am, by nature, a curious and passionate type and can often be found sniffing out details on all manner of subjects more or less related to the myriad joys and curiosities of the gastronomic world.

I have been known to go all aflutter at the mention of anything to do with France (or anywhere in Europe for that matter), duck fat, old Bordeaux wines, or croissants. Oh, and bone marrow. And creme fraiche…and did I mention smoked pork belly? Okay, I’ll stop now.

Just a few words of wisdom: Never, ever, hesitate to add more butter. Trust me on this.


5 thoughts on “A bit about me…

  1. Love your culinary tales…food and travel, does it get any better than that? I look forward to more photos and tasty recipes.

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