Whole Grain Scones

Weekend mornings are just made for a little something special at breakfast, are they not? With any luck, we have a little more leeway to serve something mixed with fresh ingredients and baked with love. Perhaps it’s even a little healthy while still tasting devilishly good. My go to for just these mornings are fresh-baked scones with whole grains added in for texture and taste (and fibre, but who needs to know?).

I am partial to fresh cranberry and orange, but a good Scot will tell you raisin is the best, perhaps maple pecan, just a good bit of lemon zest, or, for the purist, pure and simple, nothing fancy. The perfect carrier for marmalade and butter with strong tea. However you like them, fresh from the oven, they can’t be beat for an easy yet delectable breakfast.


225g all purpose flour

100g whole grain mix ** (see note below)

20 g baking powder

45 g sugar

pinch of salt

110 g butter, cold, cubed

2 eggs

heavy cream added to eggs to make 250ml

100 g garnish (raisins, cranberries, nuts, etc.)

**a good, grainy whole grain mix from your health food store or Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain flour or hot cereal.


Cut in the cold butter to dry ingredients until lentil-sized lumps of butter remain.

Whisk the wet ingredients together then add to the dry, mix slightly then add garnish (if using) mixing until just combined. No more.

Turn out onto work space and gently fold (don’t knead) until incorporated. Dough should bounce back just slightly, but not resist.

Cut into rounds, triangle or squares, place on lined baking pan. Brush with cream, sprinkle with a bit of sugar and bake at 350F for approximately 20 minutes until centre bounces back.

Serve piping hot with your best butter and confiture. Enjoy!


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