Food + Art

There's always room for Edible Typography!

Lately my pastry career has been merging with my rejuvenated graphic design career which I have recently unearthed from the attic, dusted the cobwebs off of and, with some elbow grease, am encouraged in finding a warm, bright lustre being restored.

Mix 'n' Match Modular Chocolates!

Back in one of my other lives (we all have those, n’est pas?) I pursued a career in design while at the same time working in our family bakery business. Creating lacy towers of icing and cake by weekend while discovering the hidden secrets of gouache and visual tension the rest of the time. Thinking back now, I have no idea how I managed both, but it worked somehow.

The amazing still life of Paulette Tavormina - Image © Paulette Tavormina

A winding path it was. Design had the lead for a good 8 plus years. At which point pastry won out and has been in the forefront for a very good chunk of time. Well, until recently when the economy and Hurricane Irene conspired to lead me into yet another career re-focus.

It's an Oreo! It's a Cameo! It's both!

As life has a way of doing, things cross one’s path that don’t seem particularly meaningful at the time. A friend asks for help with a new logo for her enterprise, two previous pastry colleagues now own a bistro and need new branding. One thing leads to another and before you know it you’re maxing the RAM out in your computer and shopping for design software!

Never has measuring spaghetti been so much fun.

The delight of life, I have decided, is in enjoying the ebb and flow of it all. Sometimes it seems to make no sense, but when viewed from a slightly different angle, I find I could not imagine it turning out any other way. In embracing all the colourful imperfections of life, I turn around to find such a sweet perfection.

Look again - that's not's embroidery...on toast!

Ah, fear not, dear reader, for I am not abandoning the world of food, pastry or the focus of The Buttery Fig. On these pages you will still find recipes, techniques, ideas and finds pertinent to a full gastronomic life!

I was born in Blueberry Hazelnuts but now I live in Apple Pie. And where are YOU on the US Gastronomy Map?

And so this brings me to the focus of this post…to bring these halves together in a visual way and to represent two of my passions: wonderful edibles eaten at the table and delectable beauty enjoyed with the eyes…food + art.

There is a constant stream of new and fresh creativity in both areas. I leave you a quirky and brilliant selection of  edible art to enjoy.

Gummi Bear skin rug 😉 by Brock Davis


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