To hell with Black Friday…I’m celebrating ESPRESSO WEDNESDAY!

Ahhh, a perfect espresso. Click for tips on making the perfect cup

Do you know what today is? Do you? Do you? Do you?!? Well, if you haven’t heard, today is National Espresso Day. Now this definitely has made it to the top of my list of Holidays To Celebrate. It’s easy, tasty, fun and, well…energizing!

Graffeo Coffee - still roasting the traditional way.

Bellissimo! The perfect Italian Espresso at Sant’ Eustachio in Rome. Really, it’s just blatant coffee porn…can I get there by lunch?

Perfecto! How to make the perfect espresso, a great and informative video from Cafe Intelligentsia in Venice, California:

They also offer an Extraordinary Coffee Workshop to foster connection with conscientious coffee growers and share in-depth knowledge about the beloved mahogany beverage.

In their words, “Baristas, roasters, buyers, farmers and agronomists gather together in one place to learn from one another, in recognition of the fact that we can all advance faster and farther when working in close collaboration and shaping a dynamic collective vision”. Very cool.

Go directly to the espresso mothership – or at least visit vicariously. Check this link for a wanderlust-inducing list of The 10 Best Cafes for Experiencing Italy. can beam me up now. Photo from

One of my favourite roasters is Graffeo Coffee. My family has ordered from them for years. Originally started in San Francisco’s North Beach, this Italian company has branched out and sends it’s coffee all over the world via mail order. Success hasn’t changed the way they do things though; they offer just a quality few roasts of their signature blend.

Looking to up your EQ (Espresso Quotient)? Check out these other sites:

How to make it right:

The History of Espresso:

Hopefully this will help you sustain enough zip for the ensuing holidays. Enjoy your day!


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